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Anti- social behaviour and its associated problems dispayed by a small proportian of normal customers  concerns Licensees, managers, staff and fellow cutomers alike. It was decided that the publicans of Broxburn and Uphall meet with police representatives to combat this hooligan element in their midst. And so Broxburn and Uphall Pubwatch was formed.

After a few years of successfully dealing with incidents of anti social elements in the town who cause  trouble, the publicans and clubs of Winchburgh and a small village, The Newton joined forces with Broxburn and Uphall Pubwatch further strenghtening the existing scheme.  No longer where those  banned  by the Pubwatch able to drink in the neighbouring village of Winchburgh, and likewise those banned  in Winchburgh were no longer able to take the bus into Broxburn to drink quite freely  there. The publicans are united in banning people from their premises if a person has been added to the offenders list by a fellow member pub or club. When those  who try to visit a pub incognito whilst on a ban are reconised albeit it after a few visits  the original ban is extended by 25% for each visit they have made whilst banned.

Whilst anyone visiting our member pubs and clubs who


Assualts  a member of staff

Assualts a fellow customer

Peddles or takes drugs

Uses anti- social behaviour

Willfully causes damage to property

then they will be banned for a period commensurate with our fair sentence policy

where first offenders will normall recieve a lesser sentence depending upon the severity of the offence. Habitial offenders  receive a greater sentence.Though members of Lothians and Borders Police and  occasionally also members of  their licensing department  are normally present at our monthly meetings, this is in an advisory role with the Pubwatch members  making their own decisions as per their adopted guidelines where the final decisions are made with the evidence as presented at the monthly meetings. Where it has been found in hindsight that initially the proper decision has not been made every effort is taken to re- address the situation at the following monthly meeting  which take place at different venues the first tuesday of every month.

Once an offender has their name added to the list then they must write at the end of their sentence  to ask to have their name removed. The members of the Pubwatch will then consider every appeal on its merits, and if the offender has behaved  during the sentencing period their name is normally removed at this stage. However when damage to property  and or pub/ club fittings has occurred during an incident involving the offender  then a compensation order is usually applied where the costs incurrred by the licenced establishment are reimburssed by the offender. If the offender pays the monies due and has behaved during ths sentencing period then their names are usually removed from the offenders list accordingly. Though if the offender chooses not to pay the monies due then they stay on the offenders list untill it is paid in full.






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